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Bioavailabile Curcumin

An innovative, patented manufacturing process for increased bioavailability and absorption of curcumin.
The aim of Curcumore R&D work was to develop a method to increase the bioactivity of the functional ingredients such as Curcumin using the microencapsulation technique as a vector for delivery.

The basics of our technology  are:

Creating a platform for improving the bioavailability and delivery of biologically active compounds. Using a controlled release encapsulation technology

Specific compounds formulation using a multi-layered coating.

How did we developed the best bioavailable Curcumin?

How it acctualy brings you the best in Turmeric and Curcumin?

Since the bioactivity of a compound is mediated by its bioavailability, a human study to evaluate the bioavailability of the microencapsulated compounds compared to free Curcumin was performed. 

The overall results obtained in the in-vivo bioavailability study allowed to envisage a potential of encapsulated Curcumin to elicit its bioactivity over a longer time-period compared to the free-compound.

  • How Curcumore acts in human body It stays longer and in increased levels!

  • How encapsulated Curcumin acts in human body

  • How free Curcumin it-self acts in human body

Curcumore shows a slow and continuous absorption of the compound over a supplementation day

It is more efficiently absorbed (has higher bioavailability of Curcumin) due to micro encapsulation.

Encapsulated curcumin with added enzyme inhibitors increase its bioactivity over a longer time-period compared to the free Curcumin.
This is why Curcumore is the best Turmeric capsules you can get!

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